SPF P. vannamei Seedstock

As part of our on going development, limited quantities of SPF and SPR Penaeus vannamei post-larvae from time to time become available. Please contact us for availability. 

Broodstock are carefully selected for both the Fast Growth and SPR lines.  Out of all the broodstock available from our facility we pick the “shooters” which are those individual broodstock that grow much faster than the average.  Only shooters are used in our production runs.

Larvae are fed a steady diet of live feeds.  We use the diatom chaetoceros along with great salt lake artemia.  Post Larvae are kept in the hatchery till  pl 20 to provide a high nutrition level for strong development.

Post Larvae are routinely tested as part of the Aquaculture Disease Prevention Surveillance program.


        Maturation                         Mated Female                              Nauplii

Harvesting Artemia              Harvesting Post Larvae        Chilling Post Larvae

      Larval Rearing                    Chaetoceros Culture                 Post Larvae