The Leading Supplier of Hawaiian SPF Shrimp Broodstock

We specialize in SPF P. vannamei Broodstock

Our shipping specialists will make all the necessary arrangements and provide the documentation required for importation. A Health Status Report prepared by the State of Hawaii accompanies each shrimp shipment certifying its SPF Status. Our facilities have been subject to rigorous testing by the State of Hawaii’s Aquaculture Disease Prevention Program.  Samples are routinely collected by the program’s licensed veterinarian and tested by histology and PCR by the D.V. Lightner Ph. D. Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory at the University of Arizona.  We currently are routinely tested for  WSSV, IHHNV, YHV, IMNV, MBV, BP and TSV.

The Hawaiian Islands are located 3,500 kilometers from north america and are among the most remote islands in the world.  With prevailing trade winds and strong ocean currents, Hawaii provides an ideal location for biosecure broodstock development.  Our production facilities are located on the island of molokai in an isolated facility far from development of any kind.  The total population of the island is less than 7,000.  This allows us to produce fast growth broodstock and SPR broodstock at low densities with natural productivity which results in highly productive growth and reproductive characteristics.  

We supply hatcheries worldwide with quality broodstock.  Our knowledgeable staff has been serving customers in over 20 countries for the past 10 years. Our product has been developed from improved stocks of P.vannamei white shrimp originating from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Shrimp Farming Program.  With a 25 year disease free history our site is located on the southwest shore of the island of Molokai far from development and the population centers.  We offer SPF and SPR P. vannamei broodstock and seedstock.  Contact us for more information on our competitive pricing and to get a shipping quotation.